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West Chester, OH

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Su C.

The staff is professional and personable. They’ve also been really great in managing safety protocols during this Covid-19 situation. They are responsive and easy to engage when you need flexibility, and they office was quick to shift to virtual assessments to enable visit essential scheduling.
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Rachelle H.

I received excellent orthodontic care while in treatment at this office. Not only is Dr. Diers thorough, but I feel 100% he is the most knowledgeable in this field. His office is innovative and really drives to give you the best results possible. I couldn’t be happier with my smile and treatment process! If you’re looking for the best, he is it!
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Sandy P.

Dr. Diers is a pioneer in the field of orthodontics in that airway functionality is the primary concern with his intervention. Each patient is evaluated and treated with their individual needs in mind. This is a major departure from the “cookie cutter” approach to orthodontics typically practiced…
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Christine C.

There is no comparable orthodontic treatment available anywhere. My daughter has a midface deficiency that once caused her lower jaw to jut out, and this in turn was creating other medical issued as she grew. Every reputable orthodontist I consulted with on my daughters behalf recommended to wait until she was much older and then have corrective surgery. One immediate benefit of starting treatment with Dr. Diers was mild apnea relief when she wore her first appliance at nighttime. The entire course of treatment was not simple or easy, but my daughter and our entire circle of family and friends are thrilled with the results we’re beginning to see. Dr. Diers has three offices in our area, none of them close to where we live, but I’m grateful that his treatment was accessible to us.
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Laurence D.

Since this is my first time with an orthodontics and much older (>60) than the normal time for braces, the staff is very cognizant of the difficulties I endure… They are an excellent group of providers!
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Anna M. L.

Extremely thorough! Loved how they explain every step and how nice they are! 5 stars!
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Happy Parent

It was nearly a year and a half ago when, sitting in the examination chair in Dr. Diers' office, I first introduced Dr. Diers to my then four year old son, Danny. Upon learning that Danny was on the Autism Spectrum and possessed very little spontaneous speech, Dr. Diers asked if I would be willing to let him treat Danny. Dr. Diers explained that he'd been working on treating young people with A50, 3 treatment that appeared to improve both speech and behavior. I was intrigued. From the time of Danny's original diagnosis at the age of two, I had been willing to try many different treatments to address my son's needs. 50 I asked Dr. Diers to take on Danny and he has. In the past year and a half, my son has improved dramatically. In the past 18 months, the changes in his communication skills are nothing short of astounding. He's gone from next to no speech to speaking in complete sentences. His dark circles under his eyes have faded dramatically and his sleep has become so much more restful. His gross motor skills are now more typical for his age and his fine motor skills, while still on the lower end, fall within an age appropriate range. I have been amazed and thrilled with my son's progress and I'm not the only one. Danny is slated to retake the Ao05, the Autism battery of diagnostic tests, in October as his developmental pediatrician is no longer sure he's even on the Autism Spectrum. I know Dr. Diers' treatment of Danny has made an enormous impact and I have never regretted allowing Dr. Diers to treat Danny. I am immensely grateful for the work Dr. Diers has done for Danny and I recommend this treatment to anyone with a child on the Autism Spectrum.
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Mary K.

I'm writing to express my gratitude to you and your staff on the completion of my orthodontics plan, beginning with the FR and then braces, which have changed my life for the better.
For 30 years, I had suffered with headaches every morning, ranging from mild to very sore. My jaw and temple area ached. In fall 2006, I came to the office
with my 9-year-old son who was also going through an orthodontic plan with you. Suffering with a pounding head that day, I asked you if you thought there
was anything that could help me. Consulting with you, Lynn, and the rest of your staff, you proposed the FR and braces.
l was a bit skeptical of the FR (after all I'm 50+). I had tried a variety of dental appliances, massage, chiropractic, and relaxation techniques-all of which
brought some relief. The FR was a bit awkward at first but I could feel my facial muscles stretching out, feeling more relaxed. in a short time using the FR, 1 no
longer suffered the morning headaches-J slept better and woke up feeling good. When I began the braces and series of adjustments, it actually felt good to feel
my teeth and facial muscles to begin to work properly. It was also exciting to see the transformation and to have friends comment on the positive changes.
The staff was encouraging and gentle during each adjustment.
When the braces were removed, I was thrilled!!! My teeth looked straight. my jaw was no longer strained, my face does not look so sunken, and I have no
more pain. Dr. Diers, your orthodontic program has led me to looking and feeling better.
My appreciation to you and your staff always.
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Maria E. W.

When we first brought our son, Erek, to Dr. Diers we were concerned about the placement of his teeth and wanted to correct the problem before it became worse over time. Dr. Diers explained to us that the apparatus would also help him breath and sleep better and would have an impact on his overall mood and energy level. We were skeptical at best, but the differences we’ve seen since then have erased any doubts we may have had. Erek consistently wakes up in a much better mood and we rarely have the morning ‘battles” getting him dressed, fed, and on his way to school. He wakes up happy, rested, and ready to go.
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I wanted to thank you for taking the time to see me and repair my "Broken Retainer" (Wire that had been in place since 1993 !) It really was good to see you. As I look back on my career 1 made some major changes in the early nineties. One was deciding to go back and get more education (A Masters Degree plus additional hours for Administrative Certification... expensive but in the long run....well worth it!) The other involved making a decision to get my teeth corrected. (Straightened).... I knew that at 46 years old it would be uncomfortable as well as costly......This possibly was one of the best decisions I have ever made to advance my career. I was always able to smile and this gave me the confidence to do so and not be embarrassed.
Making those decisions as well as carrying them out enabled me to advance into different positions..... getting more education qualified me to do so but I am convinced that improving my appearance as well as my confidence really made the difference.
(Also, by making those changes and advancing into better positions my salary increased with each position and retirement will be much more comfortable!)
Thanks is greatly appreciated! A former patient and now a friend.
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Ron C.

Hi, my name is Ron and I am 56 years old. I have been a denture. wearer for 33 years. I have had no great problems until 2 years ago. I started to have sores in my mouth, never in the same place. I was also experiencing aching in my one jaw regularly. I went to my dentist, and had my lower denture relined thinking that would solve the problem. That is when the problem really showed up.
The next year, I had 14 realigns, plus the dentist was taking care of sore spots, which continued, from one side of my mouth to the other side. My dentist suggested I consider implants. He felt that my problems were coming from bone loss over the years and that it could also be causing problems with my "TMJ" My next visit was with Dr. Diers, which after an examination showed this to be true. Dr. Diers placed splints on my lower denture, which corrected my bite pattern, and the pain in my "TMJ" left. He also suggested implants. My next visit was to Dr. Pies about implants. After X-rays, and examination, he agreed. I had the implants inserted in June 2003 and had to wait for several months for them to attach themselves to the bone. While I was waiting, the sore spots continued constantly. In October 2003 I had the implants attached, and I must say, I have been pain freefor over 2 months. I did not have to think about whether I should have it done or not at my age. My choice was to have it done. This is the best move l ever made. When you are faced with a decision like this, you need to hear from someone that has gone through it. That is why I am writing this letter. I feel
Dr. Diers is great in knowledge and experience. He knew exactly what to do. Thank You!
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