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Invisalign for Kids and Teens
Fairfield, West Chester, Cincinnati, OH

Teenage girl holding her clear aligner from Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics in Cincinnati, West Chester, and Fairfield, OH.The field of orthodontics has continued to improve over the decades. Gone are the days when getting your teeth re-positioned or aligned was such a hassle. Invisible aligners commonly referred to as Invisalign aligners have become quite popular. They are a great alternative for metal braces. Here at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics, we have experienced orthodontists who will work with you to ensure your teeth look perfect.

Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners are quite popular in adult orthodontics, and are becoming more popular with teenagers and younger ages as well. Although braces have improved over a couple of decades, they still do not look very appealing. Many people do not feel confident walking around with shiny, metal braces. Invisalign aligners have offered an alternative to such people. Although they take a bit longer to reposition your teeth as compared to braces, they are still quite effective.

Another advantage of Invisalign aligners is that they are removable. This makes it easy for you to brush and floss your teeth. It is rather difficult to clean your teeth while wearing braces properly.

Our dentists will examine you and plan on how to reposition your teeth. We will then take an impression of your teeth and gum lines. The impression is used to model and make the aligners for you. Just like braces, aligners need to be adjusted from time to time. Our dentist will advise you on when you need to come back and get the aligners adjusted.

The process usually takes 12 to 18 months, depending on how many teeth need to be fixed, and how far they need to be moved. You need to wear the aligners for up to 22 hours a day, for them to reposition your teeth in good time, removing them only to eat and to brush your teeth.

The Invisalign aligners may feel a bit unnatural in your mouth when you start wearing them, but you will get used to them after a short while.

Children and Teens Can Wear Invisalign Too

In some cases, kids as young as six years old are able to wear Invisalign. In fact, younger kids sometimes tend to be better about taking care of the Invisalign trays than preoccupied teenagers. Invisalign is a good alternative to braces for teens as well; many teens are self conscious and wearing clear aligners is much less noticeable than the traditional metal braces.
Your child should first start seeing a dentist when their first tooth begins to erupt, usually by one year of age. By the time your child is seven years old, they have likely been having regular visits with the dentist and the dentist will have an idea by this time if it looks like your child could benefit from Invisalign aligners.

A few signs your child or teen may need help correcting the alignment of their teeth include:
•  early or late loss of baby teeth
•  difficulty chewing or biting foods
•  excessive mouth breathing (even if they don’t have a stuffy nose)
•  crowded or misplaced teeth
•  an overbite or underbite
•  jaw and/or teeth appear out of proportion with the size of their face

If you notice your child developing any of these issues before they turn seven years old, the good news is, you don’t need to wait to seek orthodontic treatment. Call Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics at (513) 829-4400, today if you have any questions about Invisalign aligners and to find out more information about getting them for your child or teenager. Better yet, come to us if you need orthodontic treatment. We can guarantee you the best results as far as orthodontic care is concerned.

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Invisalign aligners are becoming more popular with teenagers and younger ages. Call Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics now and learn more about Invisalign aligners!
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