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Damon System

Dental Services at Nelson R. Diers OrthodonticsKeeping your teeth healthy is an important part of life, and has been for as long as we can remember. This is perhaps especially true throughout childhood and adolescence, when the permanent teeth come in and the jaw is still somewhat malleable. This is the best time to help fix potential issues as quickly as possible. You might recall wearing braces as an adolescent, for example, or maybe even just a retainer. Today, corrective dentistry is still an important industry that helps many individuals—but the look of the resulting braces has changed quite a bit. We’re happy to offer our patients access to the Damon System, a revolutionary new system of braces.

Why do I need braces?

Braces can be an important part of proper tooth and jaw development. While many individuals get braces in order to improve the appearance of their teeth, there is a wide variety of more practical reasons that someone might decide to get them. If you have an issue like crowded or crooked teeth, and underbite or an overbite, or even a misaligned jaw, then you might be a good candidate for braces. Braces can help correct various jaw and teeth issues in a convenient and incremental fashion, producing great results over a set period of time.

What is the Damon System?

The Damon System is a new kind of braces system that uses light wires that are known as “shape-memory wires” in order to ensure that braces require few adjustments and move teeth faster than more traditional systems. With the Damon System, you can embrace the idea of braces as a means of correcting your smile without committing to the bulky outline and otherwise unpleasant weight of traditional braces. Instead of using elastic to hold the braces in place, the Damon System opts for a slide mechanism instead. This holds the wire while still allowing teeth to move comfortably, quickly, and more freely than they otherwise would.

What are the benefits of the Damon System?

When it comes to the idea of braces, many individuals think of bulky metal wires. Even worse, many still have memories of visiting the dentist as a child to have their braces “tightened”, an experience that would often result in pain and discomfort until their teeth and jaws adjusted to the new position of the braces. With the Damon System, the tightening experience is no longer a needed one. In fact, patients that opt for the Damon System might not need any tightening done at all thanks to the innovative mechanisms they employ. You can also enjoy a system that is much lighter weight than traditional braces, which makes for a more comfortable experience overall.

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The Damon System is also great for oral health, with braces that are simple to clean and avoid attracting plaque. They are also designed to look far more discrete than their traditional counterparts, with a clear socket option that blends in with your natural teeth incredibly well.

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